Design Projects

The following projects are a variety of design projects in which technology is used as a tool to turn ideas into final products. Tools used include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp, Rhino, and AutoCad.


Palo Alto Networks PRIDE Campaign


Contracted: by Tre Borden /Co

Client: Palo Alto Networks

Role: Graphic Design, Paint, Content Curation

Palo Alto Networks (PAN), a cyber security company, outsourced the development of pride centered content for their inward and outward facing social media platforms. The goal was to represent their LGBTQIA+ employees and the inclusive culture at PAN.

'The Eyes of Finesse" Logo

Client: Paris Finnie

Role: Graphic Design

A film and photography company requested a logo that could be used on business cards, websites, and be easy to produce in color variations. The logo embodies the personality of Paris Finnie, the company owner, while providing a crisp and clean first impression.

BLM Mural

Client: IB People's Alliance

Role: Ideation, Graphic Design, Project Management, Project Execution

See a full description of this project here

App Design

Rolidex Prototype


Role: Designer

This is a prototype of an app I conceptualized called Rolidex. The app is designed to facilitate connections by providing a place for people to maintain business contacts and seek new contacts based on location.

Publication Design

Tre Borden /Co Interior Portfolio

Client: Tre Borden /Co

Role: Portfolio Design

Tre Borden /Co works at the intersection of visual art, technology and community engagement and produces creative projects that push for progressive social change.

Some projects are done within interiors, and the company wanted to redesign their portfolio.

Interiors and Architecture

Unit Model Project

Role: Ideation, Rendering, Document Construction

This project began as an idea of small and sustainable living. The goals was to imagine what living within a person's means could look like, while still being able to entertain guests and enjoy a small space.These are renderings of a proposed studio unit which lends itself to that lifestyle.