Featured Projects

A collection of my most recent and highlighted projects.

Contracted by IB People's Alliance

Client: IBPA and Tracey Rivera - Statefarm

Role: Project Manager / Artist

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BLM Mural

Contracted by Rod Shade

Client: Viaje Cocina del Mundo

Role: Interior Design Assistant to Rod Shade

In it's conception, the idea of restaurant Viaje Cocina Del Mundo aimed to bring an international feeling to a restaurant in the heart of Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico.

The design of the restaurant was to include a artisanal-touch. Hand painted maps, textured walls, and hand cut patters stamps gave the restaurant a unique, artisanal feeling.

The restaurant's menu included international dishes with their own special Baja twist.

Viaje Cocina Del Mundo

Gifted to Will of Villa Brandão

Role: Artist

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil is a city of life, rhythm and color. Walking through the city allows for visitors to get an idea of what life in Salvador is all about. It's a place of connection and movement. It's no wonder the martial art of Capoeira is found all over the city.

The Capoeira Mural was a gift to local Baiano, Will, from Villa Brandao, a small village in a neighborhood called Vitoria. The shapes are inspired by the imagery of the first ever animated film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed. 

Will practices Capoeira frequently and cares for his community in every way he can. Sometimes that community includes tourists who come to Salvador for the best Carnival of Brazil. This mural was to thank Will for being the easiest friend to make in Salvador and the best tour guide around! With a boat he made with his own hands!

Ate breve, Will!

Capoeira Mural in Bahia, Brazil

Of course, there needs to be a collection of all of the fun works that were done just for the love.

Some of these projects were inspired by a prompt, others were inspired by life.

Have a look. Enjoy!

Doodles 'n Such